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Karrie Mitten

Karrie is a certified, transformational life mastery consultant and speaker. For the past 15 years she has worked to find new ways of empowering women to live life with purpose and passion.

She understands you because she’s been you.

She talks the talk AND walks the walk. Karrie’s biggest “aha” moment was realizing that none of us can do this journey alone, and applying this understanding to her life was one of the greatest catalysts for her own transformation.

She continues to work with her own coaches and lives the principles she teaches everyday, constantly growing, redefining herself, and expanding her vision with each new milestone.

She is an award winning coach, mentor, author and speaker. Her book The Sacred Dance was a #1 international bestseller. She has also been featured in many podcasts and online events including “The Entrepreneur New Normal: Accelerating Beyond the Pandemic,” “Ready, Set, Pause” Podcast, “Wealthy Life” Podcast, the Mighty Networks “Soberful Life” Program, and has been featured in the Central Valley 209 Magazine. She also appeared on the TV show “The Apprentice.”

While not running her business, Karrie has organized and volunteered at many local, non-profit agencies such as Modesto Pregnancy Center, Without Permission, Salvation Army and Modesto Rotary Club. Karrie also sits on the Board of Directors for Successful Women of America and Soroptimist CenCal Online Chapter.

Karrie Mitten

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