Women of Worth Gratitude Challenge

Why Gratitude?

Gratitude puts us in the flow of abundance! In order to live a life we truly love, gratitude will get you there!

Join me Nov 8-11 at 4pm PT In our group Women of Worth

Have you ever had thoughts like

“I have always given thanks and yet my dreams are unrealized…what am I doing wrong?”
“I have so much to be grateful for…where do I start?”
“What exactly do I do to have more gratitude?”
“What is gratitude anyways?”
“How do I really get more of what I want?”

Well…during this 4 Day Challenge, starting on Monday Nov 8th at 4pm, I will be going LIVE for about 30 minutes every day inside our FB Group, Women of Worth, and I will be sharing tools on how to amplify the abundance in your life by leaning into gratitude! If you can’t make the FB live, you will receive the replay later!

What we will cover:

The two types of gratitude and why they BOTH are important

How to access EVEN MORE abundance through gratitude

Am I really worthy of abundance?

How I brought my dream into reality with gratitude!


Through these 4 days, you will see how being in alignment with abundance through gratitude will change your life! You will begin to see things you never saw before, find new opportunities that have never presented themselves to you up until now, and start to become more in alignment with your dreams and goals!
I will be giving practical applications daily in the challenge to ground the learning so you can have the results you want again and again!
I also have some amazing gifts to give you every day! And I have some extra surprises for you throughout the week when you show up!

AND when you show up every day (if you can’t make the LIVE you will receive the replay!) and complete the lifework you will be entered to win a $100 Amazon gift card – think about how much royal swag you could buy with that!

This challenge is in perfect alignment with the holiday season approaching…learn to change your thinking so you experience the most abundant season of your life!

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