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3 Tools to Living a Life with Passion & Purpose

What You’ll Discover: ✨ Practical strategies to silence your inner critic and break free from the self cabotage of overwhelm. ✨ Powerful tools to find your passion and purpose ✨ Real-life insights and inspiration to help you live a life that makes your heart sing.

Who Should Attend: This webinar is perfect for professional women who are tired of feeling overwhelmed, unworthy, and stuck in a cycle of self-doubt. Whether you’re grappling with imposter syndrome, struggling to find your voice, or yearning for more fulfillment in your life, this webinar is for you.

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It’s time to break free from the chains of overwhelm, self-doubt and embrace the power that lives within you. Join me for this life-changing webinar experience, and let’s embark on this journey together.

WHEN: Thursday, August 1st, 2024
TIME: 5 pm PDT / 8 pm EDT
WHERE: Online via Zoom

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“Karrie Mitten’s program challenges you to reach outside your comfort zone and helps turn fear into adrenaline, propelling you to where you’ve been longing to be and what you’ve been longing to do.”

~ Renee Kee

Rhonda Grant

“I was stuck in what I felt was like a hamster wheel, chasing money and happiness. But the more chasing I did, the farther away I seemed to get. By working with Karrie Mitten, I was able to manifest a life more beautiful than I could have imagined!

~ Rhonda Grant


“Simply folks, the challenges in checking the basis and core of your dreams with the readings and coaching (and homework), gave clarity to thought and taught me how to form the necessary action steps to gain a closer touch with my dreams.”

~ Kaden Ferretti

Karrie Mitten

About Your Host

Meet Your Host: Karrie Mitten,
Up Level Your Life Consulting

Certified Transformational Life Coach Master Practitioner
in NLP, MER™, and Hypnotherapy

Karrie Mitten

For the past 15 years, Karrie has helped women discover their inner strength, and power through crippling obstacles, and live their purpose with confidence and conviction. She locks arms with her clients and guides them through programs tailored specifically to their needs, as they dream, design, and build lives they truly love living. The Get to Your Best Self masterclass is her signature event and has successfully enabled hundreds of women to live their best lives.

Karrie is an award-winning coach, mentor, speaker, and author. Her book, The Sacred Dance, was a #1 international bestseller. She has also been featured in The Entrepreneur New Normal: Accelerating Beyond the Pandemic; Ready, Set, Pause podcast; Wealthy Life podcast; the Mighty Networks Soberful Life program; and the Central Valley 209 Magazine.

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Transformational Webinar. Spots are limited.

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